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In this very first episode of The VoiCEE podcast, Agnieszka Wądołowska, managing editor of Notes from Poland, speaks with Pawel Kaczmarczyk, director of the Centre of Migration Research at the University of Warsaw. They discuss one of the key issues reshaping Central and Eastern Europe – immigration – and how countries in the region are adapting from decades of net emigration to now themselves receiving growing numbers of new arrivals.

In this podcast series we are looking at the region from different angles and perspectives, attempting to capture its diversity and understand emerging trends. Above all, we want to give voice to a region that is often talked to rather than listened to.

The VoiCEE is brought to you by a network of independent English-language media in Central and Eastern Europe: Notes from Poland, Kafkadesk, Insight Hungary, Internews Ukraine, New Eastern Europe, Reporting Democracy, Transitions, Ukraine World, VSquare. You can find more content from our network here and follow us on Twitter.

Podcast Producer: Ewa Dunal, Sounds and Stories

Main image credit: Jakub Włodek / Agencja

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