Poland’s government is planning to extend its international flight ban to 63 countries from next Wednesday, increasing it from the current 44 states.

Among those to be added to the no-go list are European countries such as Spain, Belgium, Romania and Malta. However, Russia, China, Singapore and Serbia are to be removed, meaning flights to those destinations will be able to resume. (A full list of countries can be found at the foot of this page.)

The list is currently a draft proposal, and the final version will not be officially issued until 25 August, the day that it goes into effect. When Poland first began to loosen its international flight ban in June, it made some last-minute changes to which countries were included.

The new rules would constitute one of the EU’s strictest flight regimes, according to the Gazeta Wyborcza daily. The Polish government says that the ban is necessary to ensure “safety [and] minimise the threat to public health”.

Poland was the only EU country to ban all international flights in the first months of the pandemic, according to Gazeta Wyborcza. The only other European country to do so was Ukraine.

Many other countries that have recently introduced tougher travel restrictions usually require travellers to quarantine (for example in the UK) or present negative COVID-19 tests (for example in Iceland, Egypt and Cyprus).

The government updates its list every two weeks, with the new ban expected to be in place until 8 September.

Today’s decision came as Poland itself recorded its highest ever daily figure of new coronavirus cases, 903, as its recent rise in infections continues.

In response, the government has introduced a system of red and yellow zones for places that are experiencing higher numbers of infections. Restrictions have been reintroduced in those districts, including the requirement to wear masks in public – both indoors and outdoors – in red zones.

New daily record of coronavirus cases in Poland as rise in infections continues

The full list of countries in the proposed flight ban, to go into effect on 25 August and remain in place until 8 September:

  1. Aruba
  2. Belize
  3. Venezuela
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Montenegro
  6. Brazil
  7. Gibraltar
  8. Andorra
  9. Monaco
  10. Saudi Arabia
  11. Bahrain
  12. Belgium
  13. Eswatini
  14. Spain
  15. Mexico
  16. Israel
  17. Qatar
  18. Kuwait
  19. Libyan
  20. French Polynesia
  21. Albania
  22. Argentina
  23. Armenia
  24. Chile
  25. The Dominican Republic
  26. Ecuador
  27. The Philippines
  28. Gambia
  29. Guatemala
  30. Honduras
  31. India
  32. Iraq
  33. Kazakhstan
  34. Kyrgyzstan
  35. Colombia
  36. Kosovo
  37. Costa Rica
  38. Lebanon
  39. North Macedonia
  40. Maldives
  41. Malta
  42. Moldova
  43. Namibia
  44. Panama
  45. Paraguay
  46. Peru
  47. South Africa
  48. El Salvador
  49. San Marino
  50. Suriname
  51. Cape Verde
  52. Romania
  53. Sint Maarten
  54. United States of America
  55. Oman
  56. Guam
  57. Turks and Caicos Islands
  58. Luxembourg
  59. Bolivia
  60. The Bahamas
  61. Puerto Rico
  62. US Virgin Islands
  63. Faroe Islands

Main image credit: Magro_kr/Flickr (under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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